For over 20 years, Moon van Berkel (Founder of MUCHO GUSTO) has been designing exclusive collections for women with their own attitude and style. These collections are designed and handmade in The Netherlands, using only self-designed fabrics. Moon has one main goal: making sure you’ll do nothing but sparkle in our luxurious fashion. So grab your favorite MUCHO GUSTO item(s) and leave a little sparkle everywhere you go.



Since our establishment, sustainability and innovative design have been one of the top priorities of MUCHO GUSTO. We strive for perfection, which is why we highly value hand-made craftsmanship, tailor made products and a Dutch production process to keep a close eye on every single MUCHO GUSTO item being created. We’ll make sure you’ll get nothing but the best. 



We believe that fashion should show the powerful spirit within you. Strong independent women like you are no longer interested in having every single fashion item that shows up on the radar, but rather find items that make you feel like… you! MUCHO GUSTO helps you to stand out on the moments you should feel the most confident. Whether it’s a party, a business meeting or anything in between. Our timeless artworks, luxurious fabrics and finest materials are perfect for creating your own look. The world is at your feet. Express yourself!



Did you know that our exclusively handmade print collection is made in our own atelier? We’ve combined years of experience with our extensive knowledge of the textile, trend-forecasting and technology industries to become the market leader of luxurious prints. Along with strong creative talent, we look for commercial awareness and high-quality timeless artworks. If you’re looking for exclusive designs that stand out, show off quality and are up to date with the latest (and future) trends and innovations, MUCHO GUSTO is your go to brand.


After we finish our designs we are ready for the next step. We send our designs to the best Italian manufacturers who deliver nothing but the highest quality fabrics, following the strict requirements of many certifications. We always make sure that our fabrics are eco-friendly, breathable, lightweight, and undeniably beautiful in appearance.



We only want the best for you. The careful selection of materials during the design and purchasing stages are a crucial part of our mission. From fabrics to buttons and labels, we consider every detail to make every item perfect. We are always looking for that perfect balance between quality, comfort and materials, making sure that our clothing gives you that luxurious feeling that you deserve.