¡Mucho Gusto!

Handmade with love & care in the Netherlands

¡Mucho Gusto!

Meaning, nice to meet you! Shall we introduce ourselves a bit? We are Mucho Gusto, located at the three-border region close to Maastricht. Since 2003, we are aiming to provide the most appealing high-end quality fashion in an easy manner. That is, ready-to-wear clothing and silky scarves that fit any fashion-conscious woman, from young to bold!


Mucho naturally translates ‘plenty of…’. Whereas Gusto translates directly to pleasure, taste and liking. Simultaneously, the synonyms of the English word Gusto translate to satisfaction and enthusiasm. Now you know what we stand for and what like to bring to the world 😉

High Quality Silk – Unique Designs – Handmade in the Netherlands

Our product assortment is abundant; consisting of classic patterns as well as print combinations that are particularly rich in colour. From soft pink to fuchsia. From pastel to neon. We embed the latest fashion in our crafts with gusto. Herewith, we are able to supply you in your needs with unique handiwork that is nowhere to be found and yet to be found easily! Namely, as we have over 750 stores selling in almost every country in Europe, chances are high that there’s one in your neighbourhood nearby.

Whether Winter or Summer, Autumn or Spring. In any period of time, Mucho Gusto’s the reason you’ll be at your prime.

Con Mucho Gusto: the pleasure is ours,

The MG Team.

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