Less Winter more Summer!

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I couldn’t believe what I saw this moring, everything was white. Maastricht had changed into winter wonderland. I knew it was going to be a cold day, but snow…. It feels like the summer is further away than ever before. But let’s stay positive, warmer sunny days are coming! Just a few more weeks and

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Bloggers choice!

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What makes life better than running around between the palm trees on the beach? Yes, almost nothing! Last week it was time to go on a vacay. Since it still is a little bit chilly in the Netherlands, I jumped on a plane to Mexico for some sun. I didn’t want to spend a lot

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Hi there!


Soooo excited and nervous at the same time about my first blog! The days are getting longer and Spring is right around the corner. The new Mucho Gusto collection will be hitting the stores right on time over the next few weeks. So let me introduce one of my favourite pieces from our new collection,

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